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Snap’n Assassin: Quick Draw

Snap’n Assassin is a live action social shoot-em up game featuring Quick Draw. With the Quick Draw mode players can link up via GPS or wait to be notified when a Quick Draw player is near and see who’s the fastest.

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Snap'n Assassin - Quick Draw Mode

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Snap’n Assassin

Snap’n Assassin is a live action social shoot-em up game with game modes: Quick Draw, Enemy AR, 1 vs 1, Group vs Group and HVT. With Snap’n Assassin you only need what you most likely already own… a smartphone.

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World War Peace

WWP is a multiplayer RTS game where you can select targets all over the world and launch your favorite incendiary device at your enemies…or save the world using nanotechnology to rebuild and protect. Decide the fate of the world by joining warmongers or peacemakers.

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Physical world ads can be combined with Augmented reality, or AR, giving both users and brands the ability to connect even further with a product before, during and after making a purchase. AdCryption has a new take on Ads and AR.

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Fable Fighters

An educational fighting game based off dead best-selling fiction authors and the stories they created. The game will play like mortal combat, with fatalities, and interactive environments. Charles Dickens vs William Shakespeare… FIGHT!

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