Complay Welcomes star of Mayans MC FX show to the Official Team

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Vincent Rocco Vargas, Chief Life Officer of Complay.

On March. 5, 2021, Complay officially announced that Vincent “Rocco” Vargas was joining their team with the title of Chief Life Officer. Rocco is a former Army Ranger from 75th Ranger Regiment, currently serving as a drill sergeant in the Army Reserves, and co-star of the hit FX show Mayans MC.

"I’m truly blessed to be a part of Complay and their veteran outreach program, VRx,” said Rocco, in an official statement, released today.

VRx is being developed by Complay as a series of personalized virtual environments that veterans can access from anywhere in the world to play games, connect with loved ones, or meet with mental health professionals in times of need. The technology will be specifically designed for the veteran community and their families, to strengthen, heal and entertain.

"It‘s exciting to be a part of something that will give veterans a place in virtual reality where they can come together, build a community and get life-saving counseling and therapy,” Rocco said. “This cutting edge technology will literally save lives and I couldn’t be prouder to promote the shit out of it. Complay will bring veteran care into a new era using the most advanced, most badass virtual reality tech available. My brothers and sisters in uniform deserve the best and I’ll help Complay deliver."

In an open clinical trial of VR therapy by the Office of Naval Research, 45 percent of those treated for PTSD no longer screened positive for PTSD, and 62 percent had reliably improved. Additionally, the Department of Veteran Affairs found that video games can help in overcoming such problems as PTSD and substance abuse disorders.

Complay understands post-traumatic stress disorder because their organization is owned and operated by veterans who are dedicated to helping fellow vets find peace through virtual reality technology. Each virtual environment will be built with veterans in mind using the most advanced technology in the world, Unreal Engine 5. From the serene beaches of a paradise cabana to the crackling fires of a viking longhouse, veterans will be able to find peace in their own personalized environment.