Slide The Super Nova demo was an 2017-2018 and USC Advanced Games Project (AGP) game. Super Nova: Episode 1 is now being developed by Complay. Come play.

Super Nova.
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An LCAD and USC VR game


Super Nova is a story-driven VR rhythm game inspired by Parappa the Rapper. The game aims to stir nostalgia within old fans but also allow all music game fans to enjoy the genre.

In Super Nova, you are being chased by a mysterious Super Sport ‘69 Chevy Nova, and to survive, you must explore a musical world and win deadly rap battles. Why is this car chasing you? As you escape murderous pursuit, you uncover more questions than answers. Are you being hunted by a malicious antagonist who drives a ‘69 Nova dubbed “Mr. Boom”, or is the car itself alive, killing anyone and destroying anything in its path to slay you? Star in this Hip-Hop music video set in a bizarre, futuristic world, and find out the truth behind the distortions you face.

Players can explore a rhythm-driven VR world that combines traditional RPG story elements with Guitar Hero-style rap battles. The player, a local DJ in search of their fiancé’s murderer, must face off with a league of dangerous rappers as they piece together what happened on one fateful night. Along the way, players are pursued by a mysterious Super Sport ‘69 Chevy Nova, and a dark secret that holds the key to understanding the bizarre, Inception-like world around them, and why it’s all coming to an explosive end.


More about Super Nova

A Supernova

is a rare astronomical event that occurs during the last stellar evolutionary stages of a massive star's life, whose dramatic violent and catastrophic destruction is marked by one final titanic explosion.

A Super Nova

is a possessed, supernatural, high-performance, Chevrolet Nova Super Sport, with a big-block 396 V8 375 hp Engine.